I fell sick past weekend, I guess because of over work, I still went to the office on Monday but I left early, at 6 pm. It felt so nice moving out of the office when there was still light.
As I got down form the bus and was walking home, this kid came up to me, showed me his school letter with the stamp and his report card. He said he needed money to buy notebooks for the next semester. I, as a rule, don’t give money to people. So I asked him if I could buy him the books instead. We went to a nearby stationery shop and I brought him 16 notebooks. He went away, happy, with a spring in his step. Seeing him happy and took away the little heavy feeling that I had past 15-20 days.
But sadly, that didn’t last long. I never had to stand on the roadside and literally beg people to buy me notebooks. I had everything I ever asked for.  There are so many kids who have to struggle for things which I took for granted. Kids who don’t grow up in descent homes, who have struggle with drugs at a young age of 10. I know I can’t do much about it. But I am glad I could help at least 1, in my small way.

Well, let’s change the topic. I really don’t have to blog and that makes me really sad.

People search for weird things and land up on my blog. Here are some:
How to play Housie?
Serious relationships (I don’t remember the exact words)
And then there is always something on Aishwarya’s Wedding

Anywayz, c-ya for now, I do hope I get more time to read as well as write.


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  1. Oh poor Violet! Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    I love that story of buying the little feller books! That’s lovely.

  2. You know what i found out that child benefit is £15 and thats it. Its not a lot for parents to survive on. Esp if you are a single parent. And then there are the parents that spend that money on themselves. Oh it is a hard world that we live in. And so so sad.

  3. There are few better ways to spend compassion than in making the effort to help a single individual. One moment of kindness in an otherwise harsh life, is remembered all the more poignantly in later years.

    “I really don’t have to blog and that makes me really sad”
    That you nevertheless choose to blog makes me really happy 🙂

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