The Moment of truth

Do you believe you are better looking than all of your friends?
Did you ever fake it in bed?
Do you ever check out other women/men in front of your spouse?
Are you in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do you find any of your spouse’s friends attractive?
would you cheat on your partner if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?
do you have a secret that if discovered would break up your relationship with your partner?

The moment of truth’ was aired on 12th August for the first time in India. It’s the series where contestants are supposed to answer very private, intimate and embarrassing questions about themselves for the whole world to see and hear and judge. Their answers are judged by a lie detector, which if tells them they were wrong, they would lose the money won until that very question.

How far would you go to win a hundred thousand dollars? Would you sit in a chair attached to a lie detector in front of the whole world with people closest to you sitting right in front of you, watching your every reaction and listening to your answers?
Questions like ‘Do you think your mother is overweight’ and ‘are you jealous of your sister’ are still okay. But don’t you think a question like ‘Do you feel uncomfortable when you are with your less attractive friend?’, when your less attractive friend is sitting right in front of you, is so not worth answering? May be you’ll say the truth, you’ll say yes, and win that round, but what about the relationship you have with your loved ones?

Questions like ‘Would you breakup with your current girlfriend and go back to your ex-wife if she wants to get back with you’ would make or break your relationship. It is an hypothetical question obviously, but what if the guy who was asked this had said yes? Or what if he had said NO and the lie detector would have said the answer is wrong. What would have happened next? Lucky for the guy. He said no and the lie detector supported him. The instant relief was so very obvious on his face.
We all know that majority of us are not completely honest with people who are close to us. Most of the times it is because we do not want to hurt them, because it is not worth it, because it would do more harm than good. J watched the same series from Mumbai. I asked him if he was willing to participate in such a show? He said ‘Why not? I don’t have anything to hide’. Well I won’t participate. That doesn’t mean I have closet full of lies. It’s just that I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering questions that were so personal in nature. Some things are better left unsaid. Sometimes its better not to know or tell.

Would you do it?

14 thoughts on “The Moment of truth

  1. I’d do this in a second. I never lie and I have no shame. Gimme the money.

    Do you believe you are better looking than all of your friends?

    Of course not, I only make friends with beautiful people.

    Did you ever fake it in bed?

    Never. I am a genuine and enthusiastic lover who is very interested in my own pleasure as well as my lovers.

    Do you ever check out other women/men in front of your spouse?

    Yes but subtly. i wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.

    Are you in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Indeed I am and have been for quite a while.

    Do you find any of your spouse’s friends attractive?

    No. If I did then they would be my friends. Besides which I have driven away all of her friends with my brutal honesty and lack of shame.

    would you cheat on your partner if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?

    No. Being rubbish at secrets it would come out eventually and that wouldn’t do at all.

    do you have a secret that if discovered would break up your relationship with your partner?

    Nothing that she doesn’t already know so no.

  2. Well, there are a few things I don’t want everyone to know, not becuase I have done something wrong or I am deceptive or anything, but just because I am really a very private person and I am not comfortable discussing my private life with anyone other than family or close friends.

  3. Fair enough. I’m sure some personal questions would embarrass me or I’d be embarrassed in answering them but they’re just inquiries about my opinions and past. I have losts of opinions (you may have guessed) and my past was great at forming the man I am today but not much use for anything else. There’s no secrets there and certainly no lasting shame. Not unless I’ve forgotten it.

  4. There is no validity whatsoever to the polygraphs conducted on Moment of Truth. As a court-certified polygraph expert with 24 years experience, the exams done on MOT are not done to any accepted standard. No polygraph technique in existence can ask 50 questions with any degree of reliability.

  5. Michael: True. I had watched on discovery once how even the guilty people can pass polygraphy tests. But that aside, not everyone knows that, and if the polygraph says you did not speak the truth, even if your loved ones believe you, not everyone is going to. I don’t see anything positive in the show other than the money. Thanks for your comment though.

  6. No way. Not for nothing.

    I never lie, so I could win the money.

    But it’d take a lot more than money for me to be willing to air all my dirty laundry like that!

    At the very least, they’d have to throw in some chocolate and wine!

  7. Interesting. I’d like to see the show, but at the same time I find it pretty disgusting!

    I need to be careful not to be too judgemental about a show I’ve never seen, but from how you’ve described it…

    a) It sounds like it pits honesty against greed. Why should that be a dilemma?! Surely we should all just be honest and not so greedy…

    b) It sounds as though maybe it also fails to distinguish between discretion and honesty… I mean, if a man thinks his mother is overweight, she doesn’t need to know that. Not helpful or kind. If the same guy is cheating on his wife, then she has a right to know. Big difference.

    At the same time, it’s very interesting though, in that what kind of a person is that desperate for money? The same kind of person who goes on X-Factor, I suppose!

  8. Huw: Just yesterday I saw this episode where a guy answered yes to these questions
    Have you ever made fun of your girlfriends families ethnicity?
    Have you ever send flirtatious messages to anyone other than your G.F?
    Do you use lack of money as an excuse for not proposing to your G.F.

    Poor girl. I really felt bad for her.

    He was one question short of winning 25,000 $, when the lie detector said his answer for the question ‘Have you ever stuffed your underwear when u were an underwear model? He said No. I can’t even begin to think of other things he has lost apart form his dignity and the money.

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