HELP!!! Blog design….

Hello People, I need a little help on a small but important topic.

I know a few of you have their websites designed from designers. I just wanted to know how much it cost you. Is there any extra price for future maintenance and such? If you think this is too private, you could email (violetc (dot) books (at) gmail (dot) com), DM or facebook message me.

If you are one of those who haven’t designed their site because you think the charges are too much, what do you feel is the reasonable price?

I would be ever grateful if you could help me a bit with this ๐Ÿ™‚

NOTE: This post is not because I want to get my blog designed. I’m studying Graphic Design at the moment and one other graphic designer I know said people paid him $4000 for a design which I thought was a super ridiculous amount as no one i know in the blogosphere would ever pay this much. I just wanted to know the trend. You guys have been very helpful. Although I don’t think I would design blogs in the future, its good to know the market price ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “HELP!!! Blog design….

  1. I haven’t ever got anyone to design, but I code websites myself so I can give a perspective from that point of view.

    It really depends what sort of thing you’re after, most professionals will charge what I guess most people would call quite a lot (ยฃ300-anything), but you can no doubt find blog-only designers who might charge less – if it’s rather cheap however, it may not be very good. Of course some will be good but charge little so do your research, look at their previous work, see if you can find reviews etc.

  2. Also, if you do not want to “splurge” on a full design, some designers will sell their services “in pieces” : for instance, you could buy only a banner, or a banner and a logo button, and keep a basic look on other aspects of your blog. (I think the link Heidenkind shared does this kind of thing).

    I don’t know much about costs; I’ve always worked with free designs, or customized them myself. However, I did take a look at some designers’ portfolios I saw anything going from 40$ to 400$ for personal blogs.

  3. I’ve seen the really good “designer” designed blogs on blogger, not the free site. If you want to design a WordPress site, then my thinking is you would need to opt for the custom design (CSS upgrade) upgrade, maybe a “paid for” theme as well. Together the 2 come to about 100 USD give or take.

    Otherwise, you will have to shift to your blog to self-hosted and then get someone to design your blog for you.

    I am in a similar fix. I have a free blog, and I would like to do some nifty design, so I will be looking through the comments section here to see if someone has any suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

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