4 thoughts on “BookShelf Tour!!!!

  1. What a fun idea, to do a video-ed bookshelf tour. They definitely look like proper bookshelves! And they way you go through them, it has the feel of a sliding puzzle. I think I’ve got The Kite Runner somewhere on the shelves… but like you, my shelves are three rows deep. I tend to forget what I have. You know that you now need to film your Singapore bookshelves too right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh that was so fun! I too think these look like proper bookshelves. Some of my shelves look like these too! (mostly my review shelf and part of just-read-not-sure-where-to-place-it-yet-books). And I didn’t even know about your youtube channel. I’ll have to look through it a little more!

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