Fiscal Pear and Shimmer in the call of the River Whale

A mournful sob followed by the sound of crying penetrates the night’s silence, causing the owl stationed nearby to wonder what the matter is.

And thus, we are introduced to a walking, talking Fiscal Pear. Yes, it is actually a Pear, a fruit. Shimmer is a lightening bug and his friend. SOL is the who saves Pear’s life time and again as the book progresses. There are many more friendly and adorable characters in this book.

The villains? Oh yes, CUTTER. It is a walking, talking scissor that makes a terrifying sound of metal against metal, a bag of flour and a can of milk. And they have a junior set too. They want to capture Fiscal Pear and display him in the ‘Bakery of Pears’ to attract customers to the already dying bakery.
And helping them is the awfully smelly and slimy butt rott Root. He is infested with the worst disease ever and he loves to spread the love, so to say.

Fiscal Pear and Shimmer escape from the evil clutches of Cutter and his accomplices and thus starts a wild and exciting chase. They ride with SOL to the village of lights, they travel through a maze of underground tunnels on a train, they meet the ocean shimmers, take refuge on the refuge rock and reach the council of wise. And finally they destroy the enemies, which is actually very interesting and funny and cute as well.

And one of the most adorable characters I have ever read about is Fiscal Pear. I just felt like hiding him in my pocket and running away. The cover of the book also helps a lot in imagining the characters. Also, the names of characters like Butt Rott Root, Olie Owl, skookumchuck made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this one. The author Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich can write an old-school, feel good children’s book. It has all the elements that should be read and taught to children. There is friendship, bravery, adventure, values, the fighting spirit and the differentiation between right and wrong.

I would really prefer the very young kids reading such books rather than the dark Harry Potter books.

Thank you again Jennifer for the book. It helped me keep my mind off my problems.