Year of the Tiger by David Miller

year of the tigerTitle: Year of the Tiger
Author: David Miller
Source: Review Copy
Set in: Singapore
Paperback, 278 pages
Monsoon Books Pte Ltd
Rating: 4 out of 5

My Thoughts:
My only reason for accepting this book for review was that it was set in Singapore. If you read my blog regularly you might know I don’t read many thrillers. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t actively seek them. So if I’m just going to read a few thrillers every year, I’m glad ‘Year of the Tiger’ was one of them.

This book in set in 2014 Singapore. When workers are digging for a tunnel in Singapore, they stumble upon a secret room filled with loot from the World War II. It’s a vault created by the Japanese and protected with a lethal virus that could affect hundreds of people very quickly. When the workers take the loot and flee Singapore, it creates an epidemic which can only be stopped or controlled if the mystery of the virus can be solved by the clues left by Japanese.

For me the plot itself is a big draw because along with the current story it also gives interesting information on the Japanese during the World War. It’s intriguing to imagine that a small and super developed city like Singapore could have so many secrets. I found the Singapore history and the presence of tunnels and secret rooms in modern-day Singapore fascinating, and because it intermingled seamlessly with the plot, I was one happy reader. Unfortunately I don’t know much about the Japanese occupation of Singapore and this book more or less gave me a teaser without reading like a history lesson. It made me want to study more about that particular time period. How many thrillers can you say that for?  This is also the kind of story that could turn out to be true a few years down the road. That kind of explains part of my fascination to the story.

The involvement of the Japanese in the whole affair makes me wonder how Japanese will react if there was truly a situation like this. I kind of imagine it would be pretty close to the book. As far as the writing goes – it works well for a thriller I guess. The only problem I have is that the language used by the Singaporeans was not really Singaporean. If you have lived in Singapore even for a short while you’ll notice the unique brand of English spoken by the locals here which makes it distinctively Singaporean. While the characters weren’t particularly memorable, the story was enough to keep me occupied.

When I was almost 90% finished with the book I wondered about the end, I was worried about how it was all going to tie up. For me the most important part in the thriller is the ending, It could make or break a book for me. Fortunately, the ending in this book was pretty good. In some parts it was a very simple solution but in some parts it was pretty complicated considering the scale and scope of the problem.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and I hope there are more books written that are based in Singapore. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more David Miller books, especially if he writes about Singapore. For just 278 pages, ‘Year of the Tiger’ was throughly entertaining.

Meeting Melody and Alice

I’m afraid that if I put this off for some more time I might not post about it at all. Thats how lazy I am. I still don’t have a job and I really have no excuse. As Melody and Alice said “I can blog all day”.

I, Alice and Melody

I met Alice and Melody on Friday (26th). Alice had a conference in Singapore, so that made it really convenient. We met at City Hall MRT and from where we went to a vegetarian place for dinner.

Melody got these awesome books for me. Thank you Melody 馃檪

We had a great time talking and generally knowing more about each other. After dinner we took a stroll in Suntec city. I had been there before but I saw things I hadn’t seen the first time. The most memorable was The Food Republic.

Food Republic: Taken by Alice

Isn’t it gorgeous? They are not actually books though, they are wallpapers, I wish I could get some for my house 馃檪

Meeting Melody and Alice was so much fun. Melody is as sweet and chirpy as she seems from her blog. And Alice is well, Alice. I got to see how she manages to click such awesome photographs. You can have a look too.

Alice in action

I’m so glad I met them, they are both very genuine and friendly.

I really hope we can do this again. Thank you melody and Alice and thank you both for sending me the pics.

Weekend Updates!!!

I had a great weekend which started on Friday evening when I met up Melody and Alice. It was so much fun and I really hope we can do it again. I will definitely post a couple of pictures with a few details but they are not with me, so as soon as I get the links (hint hint).

We were thinking of going to a Holi party on Sunday but my husband was so not into it and besides we need a big group to enjoy Holi celebrations, so we decided to give it a miss. Happy Holi btw!!!

So we went to Downtown East which is a big mall types thing. We had yummy lunch.

My poor attempt at food photography

My husband and my friend went to play pool which I don’t like much so I wandered around a little and surprisingly found a children’s bookstore. I bought The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. It’s set in Venice and looks great.

And then we went bowling. 3 games and I was the lowest scorer in each of them 馃槮

Indoor Ferris Wheel

And then we watched Wolfman, beautiful cinematography but the movie was very slow and it was very bollywood-ish.

Thats all for now. How was your weekend?

Weekend Site-seeing

We had a long weekend as it was Chinese New Year. We spent the New Year Weekend and the Valentines Weekend visiting places in and around Singapore.

We went to the HSBC Tree Top walk which is a bridge suspended over the Forest. It’s beautiful. We took the longer route through the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, so we walked for more than 10 Km. It was fun though.

Tree Top Walk

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

St. John’s Island and Kusu Island are 2 small Islands to the South of Singapore. They are beautiful and even though we went on a public Holiday it wasn’t very crowded.

St John's Island

St. Johns

Kusu Island

Kusu Island

Updates…from Singapore…

Hi everybody, how are you all. I just thought I would post an in general update before resuming with regular blogging.

We reached Singapore on 8th Dec after a lovely week in Goa.

  • We spend the next week setting up house, buying grocery and house hold stuff. My husband (I had wanted to say this for so long 馃檪 ) went to work on Monday and I spend time cleaning up the house.
  • It’s weird sitting at home doing nothing, I’m going to resume my job hunt asap.
  • Singapore is a cool place, very systematic and organized, I feel it even more aswe flew directly from the chaotic Mumbai.
  • We visited the Night Safari here and it was beautiful and like everything else very organized.
  • I love the weather here, it’s warm, just the way I like it.
  • And you know what? I got my Library card from a regional library here and I’m so excited. It’s on my husband’s name as I don’t have my permanent visa yet. There are not many English books but I still love it. It would take me some time before I’m going to be tired of it. I got these, they were all in my wishlist :

  • I really like the way Singaporean women dress, they are chic and stylish without being over the top. Not many people wear Jeans here though, so I guess I’ll have to slowly change my wardrobe. It kind of makes sense since it’s hot here.
  • Singapore is expensive and I really have to stop converting dollars to rupees everytime we shop.
  • We saw 2 movies since we are here:

New Moon: Boring, I mean really:聽 we couldn’t wait for it to get over. I kept telling my husband there is some really nice climax to the story but everything was kind of meh. Jacob was good though and so was the forks background.

RocketSingh-Salesman of the year: Really good concept and a good movie overall. We really liked it.