Booking Through Thursday: Thankful

What book or author are you most thankful to have discovered?
Have you read everything they’ve written? Reread them?
Why do you appreciate them so much?

I could name so many authors that I have come to love over the years but I would really like to mention the ones that got me into reading. My picks are very common and popular authors but it is what it is.

Nora Roberts: For introducing me to the romance genre. I used to read her books in one sitting when I was in college. Although I can’t claim I have read all her books but I have read many.
Sidney Sheldon: I’ve read all his books and it’s because of his books that I started trying other books in the mystery genre.
Robin Cook: I never liked Science Fiction or medical mysteries until I read his books. Even now he is the only author in this genre that I love the most.

I have mentioned this many times on my blog but I’ll say it again. I never read much as a child. I started reading only when I was in High School. And if it weren’t for these authors I probably still wouldn’t have read much. So yes, I’m definitely thankful.